Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here's a work that has been selected by Saisha M. Grayson for an upcoming exhibition in Plymouth, NH. called Growl. Details below as well as some of the other works that have been selected!

"Sense-less", encaustic mixed media, 12"x12"©Debra Claffey

Generally I'm after the serene and sublime in my work, I'm looking for joy. Maintaining my true self in the face of all obstacles is what I defined as my ferocity. Occasionally it will appear in self-portraits, more often in works that deal with troublesome topics.

We seem to have a primal instinct to protect those close to us. On a few occasions I have felt the ferocity arise to face a threat to my self or my loved ones. But more and more the threat is to those we don't know and don't see close. These individual human beings become disembodied bits of media incessantly streaming before us. They are reduced to tales, reports, statistics, and video clips. Where is my ferocity in the face of this torture and brutality?

GROWL is a Juried Exhibition hosted by the Women's Caucus for Art New Hampshire Chapter for WCA chapter
and at-large members from the Northeast Region

Juror: Saisha M. Grayson
Assistant Curator
Elizabeth A. Sackler Center
for Feminist Art
Brooklyn Museum

February 5-March 15, 2013
Opening Reception
Tuesday February 5, 2013
4-7 pm
Dr. Grayson will be present and will speak in the gallery.
An exploration of women's primal and instinctive ferocity, a source of deep power and protectiveness. The Karl Drerup Art Gallery and the Women's Caucus for Art/New Hampshire Chapter present artwork by WCA artists from the Northeast Region addressing questions of women's wild strength:When, how and why do we access our feelings of our inner wild animal? How does our current culture embrace/reject ferocity in women?

Mon, Tu, Th, Fri. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
 Wed. 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sat. 1 p.m.-4 p.m.
And by appointment
Closed on Sundays and PSU holidays
Phone: (603)535-2614

The Karl Drerup Art Gallery
Plymouth State University is located
on Main Street of Plymouth, NH.
Click here to go to the webpage for the
Karl Drerup Art Gallery

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Advanced Painting and Monotype

 I was happy to go to Kingston, NY in November 2012, for a three-day workshop with Alexandre Masino, called Advanced Painting and Monotype. The workshop coincided with his solo exhibition, Geological Radiance, which will be on view until January 19, 2013 at 84 Ten Broeck Avenue.

One of Alexandre's works in the R and F Gallery.
Alexandre Masino
À l’orée des monts V, 2012
Encaustic monotype on Gampi paper
23” x 34.5”

Alexandre uses a double boiler type method for keeping his paints hot (not shown).
Technique and materials

The secret is the the right amount of paint!
Beginning an encaustic monotype

The print is registered to the side of the hotbox with clips
Here he's working on a small landscape with fan brushes, for better control of the amount of wax and how it adds to your texture.
The importance of painting upright, as one would view your work.
We were treated to a gallery talk while his show was being installed (ignore the ladder, please)

In the gallery, talking about his work before the show opened.

Talking about scale, and surface texture
A few of my favorite pieces from the show:
Transfigurations (Ehon), 2012,Encaustic and charcoal on book on panel,8” x 23”
Alexandre Masino
Transfigurations (Ehon), 2012
Encaustic and charcoal on book on panel
8” x 23”

Alexandre Masino
La porte des nuages I, 2012
Encaustic monotype on Kozuke paper
23” x 34.5”

For more, visit Alexandre's website,, and blog,  For information about R and F Workshops, visit